To help you prepare for your surgery our aim is to provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs associated with your surgery prior to your admission. Dr Grujic’s fee will be outlined on that estimate. Occasionally, additional or slightly altered procedures are  performed to maximise your benefit from the surgery. If this happens, then there may be a discrepancy between your quote and the invoice sent to you. At times, Dr Grujics account includes the fee for the assistant at the operation. In this event, the assistants fee is payable to Dr Grujic and the balance on your account will be altered to account for this.

Once you have decided on the date of your surgery, an estimate/patient information and consent form will be prepared and posted to you along with the hospital admission forms.

The estimate will provide contact details for the anaesthetist scheduled to be at your operation on the day you have selected. We suggest you contact the anaesthetist to obtain an estimate of their fee. The informed consent form needs to be signed and returned to the rooms before your surgery. Please note that the assistant’s fee is approximately one fifth of Dr Grujic’s fee. Please keep a copy of the paperwork for your records.

Most health funds are now encouraging patients to seek an undertaking from their surgeon that the procedure will be done under a “no gap” scheme. Dr Grujic does not offer the “no gap” option but will consider discounting your account if you are elderly, a pensioner or in financial hardship. If this applies to you then please raise this with Penny, his practice manager, prior to your surgery.

Dr Grujic also realises that surgery represents an extra cost to patients so if you are having difficulty paying your account please call us and discuss your situation with a view to setting up a payment plan, if required.

Finally, please allow for incidental costs such as blood tests, x-rays, scans, physiotherapy, plaster or fibreglass casts, orthopaedic appliances and medications that you may require after the surgery.


Once you have received the account following your surgery you have two options to settle the account.
Option One: Pay the discounted amount entirely and then claim through Medicare first and then your health fund. If you complete the Two Way Form at Medicare, they will forward the accounts on to your Health Fund (this saves one step for you).

Option Two: You can submit your account to Medicare and your Health Fund who will send you a cheque made out to Dr Grujic. You will then need to forward these plus the gap payment to the Chatswood rooms. Note that you can fill out the Two Way Form at Medicare so that they forward the processed account directly to your Health Fund.

If your account has a discount applied, you have six weeks to pay to receive the discount.

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