Dr Grujic may restrict the amount of weight you are allowed to put through your operated foot after your surgery. In that case, you may need to use an orthopaedic appliance such as crutches, wheelchair, knee walker and/or shower stool. These are available for hire from your local chemist or specialist shops. Please see below.

Specialist equipment for:

Knee walkers assist with mobility when you are unable to weightbear for a lengthy period.

Google kneewalkers to see a range of suppliers

Gilliespies Hire/sell a large range of postoperative aids

11-13 Elizabeth Street Artarmon

Phone: +61 2 9411 2180

Hiring or buying
This should be organised pre-operatively to ensure you have the available aids to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. Please bring crutches into the hospital with you, it is easier to return them to your local pharmacy rather than returning to the hospital. Walking boots (CAM boot and Air Cast) are often recommended by Dr Grujic. These can be purchased from Jan Williams, Dr Grujic’s physiotherapist when required. These devices can often be partly claimed on your private health fund. When purchased, a receipt will be issued so that you can attempt to claim a rebate from your health fund.

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